Secure DevOps Service

In an ideal world, software owners, developers, quality assurance personnel, IT, and data security all work together seamlessly to assist one another in putting the best, most reliable, secure and market ready product out to your users. Long gone are the days when software production followed a chain from group to group, with developers passing buggy and incomplete products to QA and IT to solve the issues before they in turn pass it on to security experts to identify and deal with vulnerabilities in the product. DevOps has changed the way software production is conducted for makers globally, increasing productivity, decreasing time to market and increasing the value and reliability of the product to the consumer. Our Secure DevOps Service goes one step further, testing your product throughout the development process to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities as they appear. Our Secure DevOps Service installs integrated tools to find and fix flaws as they appear in the production process and before they ever become a concern at the management level. Our secure platform allows for efficient collaboration between the software owner, developers, quality assurance, IT ops and data security. Not only does it enhance your organizational capacity but our Secure DevOps Service will increase brand quality and reputation while reducing delay and costs, allowing you to produce the best, most secure, most reliable product for your market, in a time when security has become the greatest data concern that can make or break your business.

Friday, April 6, 2018 10:02 PM

In the past developers worked with specifications provided by software owners to develop code and put together a product. The buggy product then went on to QA and IT to discover and find workarounds for the bugs. This product then went to market, where other teams would rely on users to report issues, and patches would be developed. This cycle was slow, inefficient, laden with quality issues, insecure and meant that a less than the best product was given to customers, affecting reputations and future purchasing decisions. Our Secure DevOps Service helps to eliminate these problems while redefining the way software is produced.


Changing the Way Teams Work

Software owners can no longer afford long delays caused by teams passing a buggy product back and forth to fix issues. They can no longer afford to discover data security vulnerabilities after a product has been put in the hands of the end user. They can no longer afford the cost of inefficiency and poor quality, or the hits those issues take to their reputation. Their competition is out there, doing it faster, more seamlessly, with fewer issues and far more securely than ever before. End users now prioritize the security of a product over anything else. While they may be willing to wait for an update to add or improve a feature, they are unwilling to be exposed to or wait for fixes to holes in their data security.


Our Secure DevOps Service is a platform where the production team works together to help one another and produce a better product, in less time, with less cost, and better security. IT is no longer sending bug reports back to developers for fixes or finding workarounds for holes. They are all working together on the same product to identify and implement solutions before they even become the concern of the management team.


Identifying and Eliminating Vulnerabilities

Secure DevOps Services are important today more than ever. Your data, including developing code, customer specs, and project information can be vulnerable to cyber criminals who may aim to steal your product or manipulate vulnerabilities within the software for their own nefarious purposes. Our secure DevOps Service protects your code, your collaborative workspace, and other information while, at the same time, ensuring that your product is not vulnerable once it is released. Security is no longer an end of process task, it is a real and important part of the production phase from day one.


No longer will security be an issue only after an incident has occurred. Our Secure DevOps Service provides 24/7 monitoring to ensure that security is a consideration throughout in a proactive, rather than reactive, way.


Knowledge Sharing is Vital Today

Our Secure DevOps Service also ensures that security threat intelligence is known and understood throughout your team, losing the former practice of individual teams keeping information to themselves. Such an early security focus, with security as code instead of security as fix, and integration results in improved product design and security for your customer.


Primary Benefits

While speed is often cited as the key benefit of a Secure DevOps System, this isn’t really the case. You can have your cake and eat it too by placing security knowledge at the front end and throughout the production of your product, you also ensure that your product closes doors on vulnerabilities, increasing not only speed, but reputation, brand identity and consumer, investor and shareholder loyalty.

We can see the damage that putting security lower on the totem pole can have in Facebook’s recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the data of up to 87 million users was misappropriated, costing Facebook billions in value, millions of users in their most lucrative markets and their reputation.