Penetration Testing Service

Our Penetration Testing Service simulates real-world, current cyber-attacks on your networks and computing systems to identify vulnerabilities in your operating systems, services, configurations and end-user behavior. Security breaches, service interruption, network downtime and data loss may create devastating losses for your business. We need to look no further back than June of 2017 and the ExPetr ransomware attack that shut down and affected businesses, governments, hospitals, schools, shipping ports and airports around the world to understand the impact that a successful cyber-attack can have on business. An effective and thorough Penetration Testing Service, like the one we provide, is an essential part of ensuring that your networks and computing systems are safe from attacks like the ExPetr attack which, though focused on the Ukraine, impacted business and daily life globally. Penetration testing simulates current methods that cyber criminals use to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. It will identify not only vulnerabilities in installed software, but also in the operating systems used, network services, configurations, and importantly how legitimate end-users with usage permissions can behave and exploit vulnerabilities from within the system.

Friday, April 6, 2018 10:08 PM

What is penetration testing?

A penetration testing service simulates the current methods that cyber criminals use to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. By simulating realistic cyber-attacks, a penetration testing service can identify any vulnerabilities in your operating systems, services, configurations, networks, and end-user behavior before they turn into a security nightmare.


What’s the Risk of Failing to Test?

Cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to target networks and computing systems for their own nefarious ends – which could be financial, political, vengeful, or purely designed for destruction. The ExPetr ransomware attack was hidden as a random upgrade to accounting software that was primarily used in the Ukraine. The likely motive was political, targeting the Ukraine but spreading out to cause difficulties around the world as collateral. Only a month before the WannaCry ransomware attack wreaked havoc in hospitals across Europe by exploiting a vulnerability and a cyberweapon developed and used by CIA spies to cripple hospitals and telecom companies. The vulnerability was not identified and repaired by Microsoft until after significant damage had been done.


A recent estimate suggests that cybercrime costs business globally $6 trillion US per year. Cyberattacks cost more than money though. They have a serious, sometimes devastating impact on the perception of shareholders and investors, the loyalty and trust of users, reputation and branding. A penetration testing service helps to ensure that your business does not become a part of that loss. Losses such as these are difficult to survive and also difficult to recover from.


How Does Penetration Testing Work?

Understanding the motives and methods used by cyber attackers, our penetration testing service will identify where your systems are vulnerable so that those gaps can be filled before they become a problem. Proactively eliminating vulnerabilities saves money in the long term but more importantly it saves shareholder and investor relationships, reputation, branding and customer trust and loyalty. Testing that does not anticipate and use the same methods as cybercriminals may be of some use but will not protect your systems effectively.


A penetration testing service can be designed to focus on particular areas of concern (for example end-user behavior) or can be wider in scope, probing all of your systems for issues.


A well designed penetration testing service will search for areas of attack from the outside and from the inside through the behavior of end-users who are legitimately granted access and use of the system. It is little use closing holes from the outside if the system remains open to attack from within. A penetration testing service should also test your system’s incident response to identify gaps in the way your system responds to and controls for potential attacks. Finally, a well-designed pen test service will increase user knowledge and awareness, avoiding the introduction of unintended threats by modifying behaviour.


Why Not Just Have Our Internal IT Department do this?

Third party penetration testing services are normally used to avoid conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest from having internal personnel conduct the testing. Someone who developed a product for use internally is more likely to assume it is safe and may overlook important gaps. The end user conducting the testing may overlook thorough testing of his or her own behaviours as vulnerabilities. Also, using a third party penetration testing service avoids the difficulties that can arise from using personnel who have repeatedly tested the same systems previously. An independent security audit may also be required by regulators, insurers, shareholders, and investors.


How Will HackingByte Protect Me?

In addition to the points detailed above, we will work closely with you to understand your business, plan the penetration testing and implement the tests appropriately. We were founded by hackers who believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves from cybercriminals and to have the knowledge available to them to do just that. We will give you that knowledge you need to best protect your business.