Network IT Security Service

A Network IT Security Service is any activity or policy thought to protect the usability or integrity of your network and your data. We approach this by both hardware and software. A good network security IT service manages access to the network, information flow, and it minds a variety of menaces in a way that stops them from being a threat to your network. Any good network IT security service is a multi-layered set of defenses that work in the network and at the network's edge. It includes policies and controls designed to allow authorized users to gain access to the network and its resources but to limit or eliminate malicious intruders and to prevent them from exploiting and threatening the network's safety, privacy and stability. The way our network IT security service benefits you is quite simple but relevant. In our current world digitization and informatics plays a basic role. Your network allows you to deliver the services you offer to your customers and also allows your employees to do their job. So, for a start, you are protecting them both but proper network security will also help you protect your own proprietary information from any attack. In the final analysis, protecting your network is all about protecting your viability and reputation. It guarantees that everybody in your company and among your clients will always get the information they need but nothing else. That's what our service will do for you. We're very good at it, you won't even notice we are there doing the work for you.

Friday, April 6, 2018 9:18 PM

Our network IT security services works by implementing some policies, some software, and hardware. These are the main strategies we follow:


Access control

Our network IT security service makes sure that only authorized users get access to your network. This keeps potential attackers away. We will help you to recognize each user and each device so that your network security is solid and reliable.


Malware and antivirus software

Malware is the short word used for "Malicious software." By this, we mean the kinds of software that could get planted in a network to do harm or to exploit weaknesses. Spyware, ransomware, trojans, worms, and viruses fit in this category. It can happen that this kind of program comes into a network, infects it, and nobody notices it for a long period of time because it just lies dormant for weeks, even for years. We will make sure to use the best antimalware software, we will track all the files coming into your network. This way our network it security service will prevent any damage, find anomalies, remove all malware and prevent all kinds of danger.


Application security

You have to run applications over your network, that's just the way things are. But all applications include a security hole or vulnerability of some kind that a malicious attacker could use to infiltrate your network or to attack your company. This kind of network security includes software, hardware, and policy, and our network IT security service will deal with all those three aspects to make sure your apps are being used safely.


Behavioral analytics

Our network IT security service specialists can detect anomalous behavior because they know how normal behavior should look like. Our behavioral analytics tools will let us know right away when any user is doing (or trying to do) things that do not fit the normal pattern or that should trigger an alarm. This allows us to prevent malicious activity before it even happens.


Data loss prevention

Your data's integrity is crucial. It should always be accessible, and it should always be there. But that's not all. Our network IT security service will ensure that nobody in your network will be printing, forwarding or uploading any of your critical information in an unsafe way. Your data is your business' blood flow. We're here to protect it.


Email security

Email is here to stay. It's useful, it's everywhere. You need it, as your employees and your clients do. But it is also the main threat in terms of security. Email attackers know how to use personal information and social engineering so that they can get what they want through phishing or other strategies that allow them to deliver malware to your network. We are aware of this and our network IT security service includes applications that can block incoming email attacks and also manages outgoing emails so your business data is always used in a safe manner by all of your employees and customers.



your internal network is always to be trusted, of course. But at some point, it interacts with the rest of the world which should not be trusted all that much. Our network IT security service will set up a firewall for you that will use a set of defined rules to manage incoming traffic. We will do this by hardware, software, or both.


Intrusion prevention systems

This kind of system allows our network IT security service to scan network traffic so attackers can be identified and stopped. We achieve this goal by correlating using great amounts of global threat intelligence so that we don't just block potentially malicious users but we will also track suspicious files and malware candidates across your network so we can prevent any kind of damage, outbreaks, and reinfection.


The bottom line is that we know everything you need to secure your network and we will do it for you.