Mobile Security Service

Cellular phones, tablets and other mobile devices are very easy targets for cyber criminals. According to Statista, which sources information from more than 22,000 sources, in 2018 there were 2.53 billion smartphone users globally. Global mobile data traffic exceeded 7 exabytes of traffic per month in 2016 and by 2021, it will increase 7 times that. Mobile devices are extensively used for personal and professional purposes. Mobile security services are increasing in usage as mobile devices become more and more essential to our everyday lives, our finances and our businesses. Today’s professionals face a level of personal, social and professional loss that is unprecedented if their mobile security is properly threatened. Cyber criminals are busy keeping up with the technology, constantly seeking ways to undermine protection and steal data. You need a mobile security service that can stay ahead of the threat and protect your data. Hackingbyte understands your needs. We will deal with your concerns – the ones you are aware of and many that you are not aware of. Most importantly, we will handle security of your device with utmost care and attention. We were founded by a group of hackers who are committed to the belief that everyone has the right to protect themselves at low cost and high quality. We believe that protecting you begins with providing you the knowledge you need to protect your data.

Friday, April 6, 2018 9:23 PM

Cyber attacks on mobile devices are happening today. It is not a possible future threat but real, here and now. A recent analysis of enterprise environments found more than 24,000 mobile applications designed for iOS that seeking enterprise data for ‘advertising purposes’. Ads can appear innocuous because they are everywhere all the time. However, these apps are regularly granted data access on mobile devices and enterprise networks and the purported purpose is advertising. Applications such as these, that use data for external purposes, pose threats to mobile users and can be easily manipulated to seek and steal data for other purposes. Our mobile security service will help you identify seemingly innocuous threats and manage them to protect you and your data.


These applications aren’t the only threat. Our mobile security service will help protect your mobile devices from other apps that reach even deeper into the vault of data held on your devices. We will use our skills and technology to strengthen the vault, identifying weaknesses, control data leaks, look for and eliminate vulnerabilities.  


Mobile devices provide users and enterprises with increased productivity and other benefits. With those benefits come the constant threat of a cyber-attack. Malicious software often relies on weaknesses not only in the communications capabilities of mobile devices but in poor security knowledge of the average user. Our mobile security service will give you the knowledge you need to protect yourself from this growing threat.


Security experts have acknowledged that their enterprises are now 90% mobile or better and more and more businesses are moving in that direction to improve productivity, provide better service and to improve communications. With the explosive growth in mobile use, cyber criminals have targeted in on methods to exploit the sensitive data stored on the more than 8 billion mobile devices worldwide. More than ever, our mobile security service is necessary to protect your data from criminals.


Protecting your data in 2018 requires more than installing an app on your devices. It also requires knowledgeable users, and knowledge is the most valuable aspect of our mobile security service. While user knowledge is a good countermeasure, care must also be taken in operating systems, security software, resource monitoring, network surveillance, encryption, data management, text storage and other areas where cyber criminals take advantage of vulnerabilities. Our mobile security service will assess your unique needs and help you with a custom security solution that works best for you.


The current estimate is that cybercrime costs businesses an average of $6 trillion per year. To put that in perspective, its 40 Amazons every single year or in another way, 3 years of cybercrime losses would essentially pay off the US National Debt. Our mobile security service can help protect you from becoming a part of that number.


Cybercrime costs businesses more than dollars, however. Facebook’s recent Cambridge Analytical scandal saw the breach of user data for up to 87 million users. As a result of the mishandled data breach, Facebook has so far lost more than $70 billion dollars. More important for its future though, it is losing users in its most valuable markets, having lost the trust of the people they rely on to generate revenue. Businesses can also face damaged shareholder and investor relationships, loss of reputation, loss of brand identity, further economic loss through lawsuits. It can be difficult to survive, let alone recover from such attacks. Our mobile security service can help protect you from the massive and widespread loss that comes from the theft, loss and breach of your data.