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HackingByte is a cyber-security consulting company. We were founded by a group of very skilled hackers who believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves online in a high quality but low cost way. We don’t want to scare you with our accomplished hacking skills, we’re on your side. But there are large and growing numbers of cybercriminals out there who are equally accomplished. They are persistent and they want your data, your money, your time and your business. Our aim is to protect you and your customers from cybercrime and even internal malicious activity. Experts agree that the financial loss alone from cybercrime is averaging $6 trillion US per year. We want to help you avoid become part of that number. Yes, there are ethical hackers and we are willing to share our knowledge and experience with you. HackingByte has a dedicated team and a number of services to help you strengthen your defences against cybercrime and internal risks. We do more than scan your computer or website for threats, we help you build protection, procedures and strategies that will keep you, your business, your customers safe.

Saturday, April 7, 2018 8:18 PM

Your data, time, business, and reputation are all valuable and criminals want it. The financial loss alone from cybercrime is currently averaging $6 trillion US per year. But a cyberattack can cost more than just a loss of money. A serious breach can degrade the relationship between your business and investors and shareholders, cause a loss of customer trust and loyalty, devastate your ability to conduct business, ruin your reputation and destroy your brand identity. A serious breach can also bring lawsuits and regulatory issues. These can be very difficult to survive and even harder to recover from.


Our services

Our suite of six services are designed to prevent you and your business from becoming part of that statistic.


Application Security Service

This service is designed to make your applications safe for use by you and your customers by ensuring that unauthorized code cannot be run and data cannot be read, copied, deleted or modified by intruders. The service covers software, hardware and policy aspects of your security.

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Network IT Security Service

This service is designed to secure your network and IT services from threats, allowing you IT staff or service to work securely without encountering or introducing threats to your network, computer and devices.

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Mobile Security Service

The world is becoming mobile, with as many mobile devices as there are people on the planet. This service is designed to ensure that your users can use mobile devices with the comfort of knowing they are safe, which protecting your network from threats. Mobile devices are the newest and most frequent target of cybercriminals.

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Secure DevOps Service

This service is designed to ensure that security is at the forefront of your application or software development process and remains present throughout, saving you time, money and delay when putting a reliable, safe product out to your customers and users. Our platform is changing the way we work – collaboratively, efficiently, safely.

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Penetration Testing Service

This service is designed to simulate the current methods cybercriminals use to attack your systems. We will show you where your network and computing systems are vulnerable and help you protect against those threats. We will work closely with you to ensure a thorough, independent audit to keep you safe.

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Social Engineering Service

Humans are naturally inclined toward trust and security experts agree that trusting the wrong person, the wrong link, the wrong download is the weak link in any security plan. You can have all the guards in place but if they don’t recognize a threat, you can still be vulnerable to an attack. This service is designed to provide the knowledge, systems, processes and procedures you and your users need to increase your awareness and prevent social engineering attacks on your systems, keeping you and your data safe.

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Why Use HackingByte?

We’re hackers. There we said it. We are ethical hackers who are committed to protecting you, your users, your business, your data from the many out there who may have the same skills but don’t have the same ethics. Our skills, experience and knowledge are vital in a time when cybercrime is causing trillions in dollars of damage each year and when cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to break through your defences.


We use the most current methods to apply our skills, experience and knowledge to protect you. Your business is worth it. Your reputation is worth it. Your customers are worth it. Call us and start working together today.

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