Application Security Service

Our application security service is a set of procedures, hardware, and software we offer in order to protect your working applications from any external threat. An application security service was not always the most important feature in software or hardware design, or in software policies. But these days it is an essential concern both during application development and deployment. There is a simple reason for this. Nowadays applications are accessible over networks. That makes them vulnerable to an extensive diversity of threats. We endeavor to build safety measures into your applications so you can feel and know you are safe along with your company, your computers, your network and your data. Our service will ensure that unauthorized code will not run on your computers and that nobody will be able to delete, modify, steal or read sensitive data. Application security services are often called countermeasures. They come in three flavors: hardware, software, and policy. The best-known software countermeasure is called an application firewall. This kind of software puts limits on file execution or in data handled by specific programs in the system. In the hardware category, the most common countermeasure is a router which ensures that your computer's IP address won't be accessible from the internet. Other countermeasures include encryption, anti-virus software, spyware detection, and biometric authentication, just to name a few. We can do any and all of these things for you so your security will be guaranteed every step of the way.

Friday, April 6, 2018 9:17 PM

Our application security service starts by defining your enterprise's assets. We determine what each application does or could do regarding those assets. Then our application security service will create a security profile for each one of the apps running on your network. This way our application security service will be able to identify potential threats and prioritize them. It will document all adverse events and the actions taken as countermeasures in every single case. We call this part of our application security service Threat Modeling. A threat is any event, actual or potential, that can jeopardize your assets. Failure of storage devices, unplanned situations, or denial-of-service attacks. Our application security service knows what all these things are and how to deal with them and prevent them so we can guarantee your digital security.


The thing to keep in mind is that an application security service such as ours is no longer optional. These days is utterly essential. As more and more companies become open to the idea of developing their own applications to promote their services and increase their profits, application security becomes paramount. A company dealing in digital media or information of any kind as a lot to gain from developing and releasing custom-made applications. But every new application also poses a risk and vulnerabilities. And the nature of the internet beast means that these risks are rising exponentially instead of diminishing. Our professional application security service will ensure that you don't need to worry about that. Just make sure your app works, that it gives your customers the services they need, our job will be to make sure you and your customers are safe at all times.


Applications have grown dramatically in number over the last few years. This is, in principle, a good thing for both companies and users. But it's also meant that both large and small enterprises (size makes no difference when you publish an application for your users) have been hit by cyberattackers. In some cases, this has meant grievous data breaches and serious financial losses. It's happened hundreds of times already in the USA alone and you need to make sure this will not happen to you and your users. That's where our application security service comes in. Just hire us. That way you can focus on doing what you do best while we focus on what we do best: keeping you safe.


Among the benefits, you will get from our application security service is that sensitive information (yours or your users') will be kept safe at all times. The risk of personal information being published is one of the main obstacles to getting your users to use your services over the Internet. Our service will give you the guarantee you need to offer them. If you know their information is safe, they will know their information is safe and that is, exactly, the service you will get from our application security service. It's our business and we're good at it.


Using our application security service will help you get a sound market reputation. Your users will know your company is not among those that have suffered a hit from cyberattackers. If your users trust you, they will keep using your applications and recommend you to their friends and family.


Security in your applications will also build up your brand image. As your reputation grows for reliability and security, your brand awareness will grow, and your brand identity will be enhanced. This will make your applications popular and wide-spread, so whenever your company happens to be in the news, it will be for all the right reasons.

Call us. Let us tell you how our application security service can make your life easier, better, and your company's applications more popular, safer, and usable.